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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Use Your USB Device to Listen to Music in the Car

Many European cars come equipped with a USB output, making it easy for drivers to listen to media stored on a mass storage device. This is why it is common practice for European drivers to use USB devices, rather than a MP3 players or mobile phones, to listen to music while driving. Since USB devices often have much more space to store music and media, users can free up space on their mobile phones to allow applications to load faster and phone battery to last longer.

But many car makes, both American and European, do not come standard with the use of USB. Therefore, drivers must adapt their vehicles in order to use the luxury of using a mass storage device to play media. GROM Audio designs and manufactures USB adapters with add-ons to cater to drivers audio needs. Car audio adapters such as the GROM-USB2P give drivers not only the ability to listen to music on a flash drive, but also direct connection Android devices and the capability to add Bluetooth, aux input, and iPod/iPhone connectivity (all sold separately).

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