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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

GROM Audio wishes a Happy New Year!

Let the New Year be full of music and the ears of everyone should be filled with the pleasing sounds of harmony and accords. See off the old year and welcome the year with the joyous and rhythmical sounds of foot-tapping music.

GROM Audio welcomes you to the world of music and leads you through the paths of sounds on the road.  We always endeavor to make products that turn life easier, convenient and entertaining. We do understand the importance of music and hence strive to make the effects even more impressive through our products.
Every product created by GROM is in compliance with CE and FCC to assure you the genuine and uncompromised American quality.  Moreover, they are developed in such a way that they ensure the driver’s safety, ease as well as entertainment to offer a wholesome musical experience while on the go. So when it comes to “music on the gothe name that arrives first at the forefront is GROM Audio.
GROM Audio once again wishes you all the very best on the eve of the New Year and hopes you have a very safe, sound and musical years ahead of you.
Happy New Year!

From the entire GROM Audio team

Monday, December 29, 2014

Keeping Your Calm While Listening To Music during This Holiday Season

So, it is that time of the year – Holiday season!  

As we are excited and jolly during this time, there is always the downside… getting stuck on the road with the holiday traffic!

One way of going through those tough periods of frustrating road experiences and letting go all your stress is to listen to some good music during this hectic time of the year to calm your driving experience.

Listening to music in your car can be limiting, but you can always stream your favorite internet music stations via Bluetooth streaming. If your car is not equipped with Bluetooth streaming functions, please take a look at some of the options we offer at GROM Audio.

GROM Audio offers a wide range of audio interfaces that gives you the ability to features such as high-quality audio through direct connection or wirelessly, hands-free calling and control of device through the steering wheel or stereo buttons.

So, this holiday season, bring the joy not only to your home, but also your car through GROM Audio devices and enhance your music listening experience like never before.

We wish you happy holidays and safe road journey during this time and upcoming year!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Enjoy the Holidays and Stay Safe on the Road

Holiday season brings with it a lot of joy, celebrations, shopping and fun.  

Enjoying this special time of the year and staying safe on the road can certainly play a vital part during the holiday season. Here are few simple tips to help you reach the destination safely:

a.            Have the car serviced and checked by mechanic
b.            Ensure you have all things required to tackle on emergency. These include torch, blanket, toolkit and more
c.            Prepare yourself. Avoid fatigue
d.            If you are drinking, do not drive.
e.            If children are on board ensure they are in child restraint
f.            Brush up your driving skills
g.            Check and ensure towing system are secure
h.            Maintain tire pressure
i.             Ensure all electrical connections are working well
j.             Check mirrors are adjusted correctly.
k.            And… use Bluetooth in the car!

Always connect your Smartphone in the car and take advantage of a number of safety features such as hands-free calling and receiving!

Happy Holidays~

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holiday Food and Toy Drive For Helping Those in Need

While we celebrate the holiday season with our family and friends, enjoying tasty cuisines, decorating homes and gardens and spending huge amount on shopping, there are quite a few families around us, who struggle to survive. They do not celebrate the holiday season. In fact there is nothing new for them about the season.

To help the communities around us during the holiday season Non Profit Organization Samaritan House and Second Harvest Food bank has announced a Holiday Food and Toy Drive. GROM Audio is proud to be inviting the employees to donate non-perishable items.

While food is necessary for survival and living a healthy and happy life, the importance of toys from kid’s life cannot be ignored. However, the truth remains that many kids in Santa Clara and San Mateo Countries do not get the privilege to play with toys simply because their parents cannot afford them. 

Let’s join together and donate toys, new or old to bring a smile on a child’s face. Samaritan House Kicked off the first of their four thanksgiving food distribution and aims to feed 600 families. They are celebrating December 2 as giving Tuesday and would be giving toys, gift cards, cash, non perishable gift items and new kids clothing.  See details on their Facebook!

In order to feed the low income families and help them celebrate the holiday season by forgetting all their worries, Second Harvest food bank has set the good to provide 13000 turkeys. Till the time this blog went into publishing the number of turkeys donated was closing in on the 10000 mark.

Those who want to donate money can also do so by visiting the website of SecondHarvest Food Bank.  For every dollar one donates, 95 cents are sent to programs for feeding the low income families in need. If you are not financially strong, you can always be a volunteer and help in the process and coordination. Second Harvest Food Bank is looking for volunteers.

We would like to invite you to take a part in helping communities around us during this holiday season.
Happy Holidays!