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Friday, May 22, 2015

Deals and Wheels on the Memorial Day Weekend

“Memorial Day is the day dedicated to honoring all of those who have sacrificed their lives in service of this great nation. As we commemorate them this Memorial Day weekend, let's not forget the history and let’s take a moment to reflect on the brave sacrifices of those who have given their lives for this great nation.”

During this coming Memorial Day weekend, many people like to get out of town for a quick trip, which includes driving. GROM has already realized this opportunity for road adventures, which is why it is promoting an amazing deal right now!

GROM is offering 20% off GROM-BT3 and GROM-USB3 car kits. The sale is happening until May 28. Use the code to get the discount: REMEMBER. Go to the following link to shop right now: GromAudio.com

Are you planning a road trip?

Road trips are a create opportunity to travel across the local geography, relax, and explore. They can be spontaneous and surprising. They can allow us to drop our structured work lives, while stimulating our intuitive desire for adventure and exploration.

If you’re like a lot of us at GROM Audio, this includes creating playlists.
Playlists are a great opportunity to stretch our creative ingenuity with our music collection. From creating simple playlists like Memorial Day Road trip 2015 to something more involved like Power Ballads across the Desert, it is a great time to really add something extra to the journey.
How do you create playlists? What kind of playlists do you create?
GROM Audio car kits help you enhance this experience by allowing you to connect your favorite mp3 player through your car stereo and use it through the car stereo controls.

If you’re getting stumped with ideas for a playlist or are not sure if your tastes will go over well with your travel partners, you can also delve into internet radio websites like 8tracks.com.

This site actually allows users to upload their favorite playlist from their computer. Users can also search through a maddening variety of uploaded playlists from any mix of genres you could imagine. You can also search via category tags. For instance, you could do a search for playlists that include Classic Rock, Hip/Hop, and Jazz. There are playlist that include those genres!

Once again, GROM Audio allows you to route any smart phone or tablet computer through your car stereo system and use those controls to operate your devices.

Interested in adding enhanced and safer functionality with your handheld device inside your car? Go to GROM Audio’s website now to take advantage our 20% sale.

It’s only happening until May 28th! The discount code is REMEMBER.

Let your journey begin with GROM Audio!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

IPD Garage Sale Was Deal

We at GROM Audio would like to report that IPD’s annual car show and swap meet event, the IPD Garage Sale, was a blast!

It was a fun afternoon with some sizzling selections of vintage Volvo vehicles. There was plenty of food and laughter. So many Volvo owners showed their love for each and their amazing Volvo’s!

We had a great time seeing old faces from previous year and meeting new Volvo lovers this years. We especially appreciated the warm welcome that IPD gave us. We always enjoy IPD’s enthusiasm and hospitality. Plus, they put on an awesome show!

Since 1963, IPD has been serving Volvo owners, providing the best in parts and services to their customers. GROM Audio has been a long term partner with Ipd, offering our car kits to Volvo owners.

We also loved to meet many Volvo lovers who were also passionate about GROM car kits. Our car kits offer a safe way of listening to music from your favorite hand-held device by connecting them through your car stereo system.

For cars not featured in the main parking lot, the Show N' Shine had a really great selection of superior Volvo’s. Show N' Shine is the area of the event where Volvo enthusiasts/owners can park their vehicles next to their compatriots, making it easy for everyone to admire and/or show-off their rides. All money raised from the Show N' Shine was donated to Nursingale Organization in Portland Oregon!

Take a look at some of the photos we took while at the event and join us next year in Portland for the 2016 IPD Garage Sale.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Join GROM for “Cars & Croissants,” the Santana Row Exotic Cars Show

On Saturday May 23, from 9am to 12pm, Cars and Croissants will take place at Santana Row in San Jose.

This exotic car show, hosted by 100|OCT, features some of the weirdest and more creative car designs in the South Bay. The level of eye candy on display will only be challenged by the awesome power featured in these performance vehicles.

GROM Audio will be there. Come by and grab goodies and participate on free giveaways with GROM and see some amazing vehicles. Learn more about our car kits while enjoying the latest and greatest in performance vehicles and the coolest creations in exotic cars. This event is free.

The exotic car show will feature automobiles like the Bentley Motors GT3R. A curvy big car, the GT3R has all the elegance of a modern luxury car with sleek performance vehicle power. There will also be vehicles like the McLaren SLR, a performance car that looks something like a spaceship with four wheeles and a million dollar paint job.

Cars and Croissants will have cars and croissants—of course—as well as coffee for everyone. The car show is hosted by Cocola of Santana Row. This is a perfect way to have a light brunch on Saturday, while filling up your senses with these incredible cars. 

GROM Audio will be offering prizes at their booth along demonstrating some of latest ideas they have for their car kits, including Blue Tooth and voice activation functionality. Learn more at our website: www.gromaudio.com

Cars and Croissants is a monthly meet for exotics and performance cars on the fourth Saturday of the month, from March to December, from 9am to 12pm.

Please come by and join the fun at the GROM’s booth!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Join us at the Biggest Volvo Event in Oregon

The annual IPD Garage Sale has become the number one event in the Volvo community around Portland, Oregon.  Some considered it the biggest Volvo gathering in the West Coast for the year.

GROM Audio is planning on being there! We will have a booth and offer prizes to people who drop to say hi.

Taking place on Saturday May 16th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the show will be at 11744 NE Ainsworth Circle Portland, Oregon 97220

In addition to supporting the Volvo community and event, GROM will offering prizes and demonstrating are new ideas, from our innovative integration of mobile technology along with voice activation technology.

This event has been described as one of the largest Volvo gatherings throughout Oregon for the year.

There will be a car show in the main lot that will feature some of the most amazing Volvo restorations and modifications in the Volvo community. There will also be a “Show N’ Shine,” which is where everyday Volvo owners have an opportunity to park their Volvo’s and show them off to everyone at the event.

More importantly, the is hosting a Swap Meet. This is an excellent opportunity for Volvo owners to sell some of their old parts, which might have been lying around the garage, or buy something they couldn’t find elsewhere.   

GROM Audio’s car kits support Volvo models from 1994 to present. 

We proudly offer enhancements, via our car kits, for Volvo stereos. Learn more at our website: www.gromaudio.com

David Douglas High School will offer food at the event. You can enjoy your favorite outdoor foods and non-alcoholic beverages while supporting the David Douglas High School Cheer Squad.

Shilo Inn - Portland Airport is offering special rates for Volvo enthusiasts out of town with special rates.

For more information about the event, check out the following link: http://www.ipdusa.com/blogs/398/2015-garage-sale

Look for us at the event to win a prize and learn more about our latest car kits!

Monday, May 11, 2015

GROM Audio Forum: a New Channel in Our Car Audio Experience

Here at GROM Audio, we are passionate about our music, our car kits, and offering superior service for our customers. We are also passionate about the exciting innovations in connected car technology.

We aim to enhance car infotainment systems by offering hand-held device integration through our car kits. These innovations not only provide an exceptional listening experience, but also offer services like GPS navigation, along with other connected car features.

We know our customers share this passion. This is why GROM Audio wants to encourage a community amongst our customers.

For this reason, GROM Audio has just released a forum page on our website! This next development will be a fundamental step towards fostering community amongst our customers.
As you may be aware, forums are an excellent space to discuss products, network with other customers, offer suggestions and advice, and ask questions. Forums are also a method to search for answers to questions and problems that have already been discussed.
As always, GROM Audio also offers channels for our customers to ask questions directly to us through our contact page, along with our FAQ page with answers to key questions about our car kits.
We invite you to explore our new forum page. We have several sections to discuss various topics including GROM Products, GROM Software, and Miscellaneous & Others. We also have a Welcome section that includes topics for “Announcements,” “How it Works” (GROM products), and “Install help and questions.”
At GROM, we are committed to provide as many channels of communication available for support, information, and community amongst our customers. Our new forum page is the newest part of this commitment.
We hope that this new channel becomes an important part of our audio car kit experience. Thank you for being part of this experience!