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Friday, October 25, 2013

GROM Audio Launches New GROM-MST3P Adapter Kit for Audi Vehicles with MMI 2G Systems

GROM Audio is proud to announce its latest car audio adapter, the GROM-MST3 PLUS for Audi vehicles with MMI 2G! The MST3P gives Audi drivers more music integration options than ever. Drivers with newer model Audi cars have come accustom to the 2G Multi Media Integration System, standard in many models 2002 and newer.

The MMI 2G integration interface gives drivers control of many vehicle functions, including navigation, radio tuner, CD changer, heating/cooling and vehicle information. Through a single screen drivers can control all of these systems, in just a few easy clicks.

GROM Audio created the MST3P car kit to help these Audi drivers take these integration advancements one step further, giving drivers the ability to connect their own smartphones, MP3 players or even USB ports. Through direct connection or Bluetooth wireless connectivity, drivers have an array of functions they can manage such as in-car music listening, navigation and hands-free calling. With the ability to integrate their own devices, including Apple and Android products, Audi drivers can create all-in-one media center in their car.

Through flawless connectivity and larger memory space, the GROM-MST3P car audio interface give drivers the option to listen to a multitude of audio formats like, FLAC, MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG and others. These Audi car audio solutions take integration to the next level, making safety a top priority by allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road, while utilizing steering wheel controls and hands-free Bluetooth abilities.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

GROM Audio Improves Products Through Customer Feedback

GROM Audio truly believes in delivering our customers the best quality products we can create. In order to continually bring our loyal consumers high-quality aftermarket car audio adapters that meet their needs, our support team likes to hear feedback about our products. To ensure GROM Audio always brings drivers the most innovative devices to allow MP3 player, iPhone, Android and USB connection, our design and support teams constantly look to our current customers for opinions, insight and feedback on how to improve our products.
Some of the latest response comes from Mexico City!

"I bought the Grom for Volvo S60 and it works perfect, easy installation, the shipment was fast and reliable, I highly recommend it, don't hesitate to buy it! Greetings from Mexico City"

The GROM Audio team would like to hear your experience with our car audio adapters and other add-on products, so we can continue to improve brand. If you have feedback on anything in the GROM Audio product line, please send your testimonial here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, October 18, 2013

GROM Gives Customers Halloween Discounts!

Halloween is just around the corner and GROM Audio wants to give its loyal customers and potential clients some discounts to help celebrate the spooky holiday.

GROM-USB2 Discount until November 1st

For drivers who are looking to directly connect USB mass storage sticks or Android devices with ease, the GROM-USB2 car kits creates a flawless listening experience. With the ability to add-on AUX, iPod/iPhone/iPad and Bluetooth, this all-in-one car kit gives drivers high-quality sound for their exact needs.

To receive a $10 off your GROM-USB2 purchase enter the code: HGROM

Receive $25 off the GROM-MST3

The GROM-MST3 car kit gives European car drivers the same luxuries as American-made vehicles. With these car audio adapters drivers can utilize USB or Android connection directly from the device or they can add iPod/iPhone/iPad, auxiliary, or Bluetooth connectivity. These new improved MST3 kits gives drivers more listening options than ever with FLAC support (with tags), AAC/MP4 support (with tags), WAV support, online music streaming for Android AALinQ (require AALinQ 1.0+).

To receive the $25 off your GROM-MST3 purchase enter the same code: HGROM (before November 1 at 3PM PST). 

Happy Halloween from GROM Audio! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Locate BMW CD Changer Connector in a BMW Trunk

While GROM Audio takes pride in providing its customers with easy-to-use car audio adapters, we understand that installation of these interfaces can be confusing to novice users. For drivers with BMW vehicles, equipped with navigation or DSP, installation of their GROM device is slightly different than other vehicles because they must install their adapter in the trunk, where the CD changer is located.

If the CD changer was not previously installed, locating the connector is tricky, as it is well hidden behind a fabric cover in the trunk.

So today we will give BMW drivers a step-by-step tutorial on locating the correct trunk mounting cable to allow Android and USB integration, as well as iPhone connectivity and/or Bluetooth 
capabilities—depending on the car kit purchased.

In order to connect GROM interfaces such as a BMW iPhone adapter, you must first locate the 3-pin connector for the CD changer.  Please watch the Youtube video that explains where the connector is located. Please note, in BMWs with cell phone connection, there are two 3-pin connectors that look almost identical. To ensure you disconnect the correct 3-pin connector associated with the CD changer, please watch the tutorial video below:

Once you have located the cable with the brown ground wire in position #1, drivers can easily disconnect the CD changer and attach the matching cables to connect their GROM device. These steps are the same regardless of whether you have purchased a Bluetooth car kit for BMW or you are installing an adapter for BMW Android and USB integration.

Despite the features you are looking for or the device you are looking to connect, GROM Audio can help you create an on-the-go media center in your BMW!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How does the USB streaming work for Android devices with Jelly Bean software?

While Android users eagerly await the release of Google's next operating system update, KitKat 4.4, they can rest assured that the current OS, Jelly Bean 4.3, is working with flawless functionality. After the announcement that the current 4.3 version is now compatible with older phone models, GROM Audio wanted to ensure drivers could utilize their Android device for USB audio streaming.

To guarantee the best sound quality possible, GROM Audio's technical support suggests to use the USB cables provided with your car audio adapter kit. Drivers have two choices–use the GROM kit with the AALinQ media player to be able to control media playback from the car stereo or steering wheel buttons, or use USB audio streaming with every music app.

Today we will describe how drivers can enable the USB audio steaming to utilize the media apps on their mobile devices. Before starting, Android users must make sure the operating system on their device is at least 4.1 or higher. (Please note, most but not all phones with 4.1+, support USB streaming, due to some providers do not support this feature)

In order to receive high-quality sound through USB streaming, drivers must enable this feature on the GROM USB Android kit using a configuration  file—please see the GROM forum for instructions on config files. Once the file is loaded, drivers can listen to media through any app stored on their Android phone or tablet. Applications such as Pandora, Spotify, Youtube and even navigation apps, will then be redirected through the GROM audio adapter, creating clean sound quality for daily driving.

Although USB streaming functionality allows drivers to use more media applications on their device, these applications do not allow track control and song information (ie, title, artist, length, etc) will not be displayed. If used with GROM's AALinQ application through USB streaming, AALinQ will act as the regular media player, and the car stereo and steering wheel buttons with not function.

To receive the full functionality of the AALinQ app, to control tracks and see song information displayed on your stereo, drivers must reset their GROM audio interface or load another config file to turn it back on, which would be the config file with gromusb2.cfg with a=1 instead.

To reset the GROM module, you can simply disconnect it from the vehicle specific harness, and reconnect it back.

Note: Known limitations of USB audio streaming include, HTC phones and some Samsung and Nexus Android phones 

Please see the demo video for USB audio streaming below:

Thursday, October 3, 2013

GROM Audio Helps Drivers Switch from FM Radio to Music Streaming

With so many music listening options today, isn't it time to trade in your vehicle's standard FM/AM radio and all the commercials that come along with it? On average, American drivers spend 38 hours a year stuck in traffic on their daily commute. While in large cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C. drivers sit aimlessly for up to 60 hours a year, according to a recent report by The Atlantic. That is to say, most people spend an entire work week or more sitting in traffic, so why not enjoy the drive through music streaming, hands-free calling and other applications available on your mobile device.

GROM Audio creates car audio adapters which allow drivers to do just that; with an array of audio interfaces that are compatible with over 30 car makes. These aftermarket car kits give drivers many options that will transform their daily commute from dull to delightful in just a few easy steps. With the ability to integrate Bluetooth technology drivers can listen to their music library, stream music or podcasts from apps like Pandora, Tune-In or Spotify and even hear audio books—all through wireless connection. Drivers who do no want to use wireless connectivity can utilize the connection cables provided with the car audio adapters to receive the same listening options. 

When you spend so much time in the car, it is important to feel comfortable and enjoy your commute. GROM Audio is ready to help drivers convert their vehicles from a headache to an on-the-go media center, making it easy to endure the daily drive everyday.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to Update Your GROM Audio Firmware for the Best Car Audio Listening

GROM Audio brings drivers car audio adapters to integrate smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, USB sticks and more into their car stereo speakers. Through audio adapters such as the GROM-USB2P, GROM-AND2 and GROM-MST3P, drivers can utilize Bluetooth technology for wireless connection or connect their device through cables provided. With over 30 compatible car makes, GROM Audio's car kits are the universal solution to creating high-quality sound on the road—making it easy for drivers to switch their GROM adapter to a different vehicle, as needed. Drivers only need to update the firmware on their GROM interface, in order to use their adapter in a new or different vehicle! (Purchase of different vehicle specific harness may be necessary.) 

When purchasing a GROM adapter, drivers will receive the most up-to-date firmware available. But throughout the year GROM will release new firmware updates with new features for the GROM Audio adapters. Drivers can update their firmware for free at anytime to receive the latest updates.

Just like updates you make to your mobile device or computer, GROM Audio's adapters can be updated to preform new features. Although drivers do not have to upgrade their firmware, it is always suggested to receive the most current functionality.  In just a few easy steps, this short video tutorial shows GROM car audio adapter users how to update their audio receiver. After these firmware updates are completed drivers can be assured that their device and their car stereo are working together to create flawless music listening on-the-go!