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Thursday, October 3, 2013

GROM Audio Helps Drivers Switch from FM Radio to Music Streaming

With so many music listening options today, isn't it time to trade in your vehicle's standard FM/AM radio and all the commercials that come along with it? On average, American drivers spend 38 hours a year stuck in traffic on their daily commute. While in large cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C. drivers sit aimlessly for up to 60 hours a year, according to a recent report by The Atlantic. That is to say, most people spend an entire work week or more sitting in traffic, so why not enjoy the drive through music streaming, hands-free calling and other applications available on your mobile device.

GROM Audio creates car audio adapters which allow drivers to do just that; with an array of audio interfaces that are compatible with over 30 car makes. These aftermarket car kits give drivers many options that will transform their daily commute from dull to delightful in just a few easy steps. With the ability to integrate Bluetooth technology drivers can listen to their music library, stream music or podcasts from apps like Pandora, Tune-In or Spotify and even hear audio books—all through wireless connection. Drivers who do no want to use wireless connectivity can utilize the connection cables provided with the car audio adapters to receive the same listening options. 

When you spend so much time in the car, it is important to feel comfortable and enjoy your commute. GROM Audio is ready to help drivers convert their vehicles from a headache to an on-the-go media center, making it easy to endure the daily drive everyday.

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