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Monday, March 31, 2014

GROM Audio Hosts Successful Silicon Valley Automotive Open Source Meet Up

Last week GROM Audio hosted the Silicon Valley Automotive Open Source Meet Up event with special guest speaker, QNX Senior Automotive Product Manager, Kerry Johnson. As first time hosts of the event, the GROM Audio corporate office was a full house of Meet Up group members dedicated to learning the latest about in-vehicle infotainment (IVI). Serving as a network to connect a variety backgrounds ranging from engineers to entrepreneurs, the over 65 attendees met to listen to Johnson speak about Qt, the latest cross-platform application framework for desktop, embedded and mobile i.e. even infotainment.

Event host, ICS Liaison, Peter Mui opened the event with a few words just after 7:15, before GROM founder Dmitry Borisov stepped in to thank guests for coming, while also introducing many attendees of GROM's aftermarket infotainment solutions.

GROM Audio Founder, Dimtry Borisov introduces guest speaker. 
Starting the discussion with a background of QNX software, Kerry Johnson discussed the importance of open source and sharing knowledge to help better technology.
"These Meet Ups help us come together and move forward,"Johnson said.

Qt, which was developed as an open source project, follows this idea, according to Johnson, who discussed that the framework can integrate with a wide variety of platforms including the most popular iOS, Android, OS X and Windows. Working well with other languages, widgets and interfaces, Qt integrates to create faster transitions, better 2D & 3D graphics and quick speech references.

"An infotainment system is the integration of a lot of things, there are all kinds of things that need to be brought together," Johnson continued.
Guest speaker, QNX Senior Automotive Product Manager, Kerry Johnson

According to the 25-year industry veteran, Qt can better in-car infotainment integration, but safety will be biggest challenge for car manufacturers to overcome. Safety certification is crucial in moving forward with connected cars and according to Johnson OEMs are creating the hold, while they wait for Google and Apple. But with Qt integration automakers do not have to lock into a specific OS like Android or iOS, although it is unclear if Apple's CarPlay will support Qt.

Although the feature of connected cars is still very vague, it is clear that consumer electronics will continue to blend with the auto industry, creating smarter cars, smarter drivers and one day driverless vehicles.

"I love to see things change, but the reality is it will take a while," Johnson said.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

GROM Audio to Sponsor Booth at the 16th Annual Volvo Car Show

GROM Audio is proud to announce we will once again partake in California's annual Volvo car show. Dubbed the Sweet Sixteen, this year's 16th annual car show and swap meet will showcase the latest technology within the auto industry, while GROM Audio sponsors our own booth.

At the GROM Audio booth, attendees can see live demonstrations of our newest audio adapters, including our new infotainment interfaces, which give drivers the ability to integrate entertainment and information in the car through their own smartphone. With vehicle-specific adapters for not only Volvo, but over 30 other car makes,  GROM Audio provides drivers with affordable options to stay up-to-date with the most modern technology.

The annual event, held in Davis, CA, continually receives countless attendees looking to get a sneak peek into the next generation of auto technology, making it the perfect place to present our newest projects. While showcasing and demonstrating our audio adapters, the GROM booth will also feature a competition for Best Audio and Technology for sponsors as well as a raffle giveaway for attendees to have a chance to win a free GROM Volvo car kit!

Event Details:
What: 16th Annual Davis Car Show and Swap Meet
When: April 6, 9AM-1PM
Tickets: Purchase Here