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Monday, July 27, 2015

See New Car Tech Devices from GROM at the 2015 SPOCOM

The NorCAl edition of SPOCOM consumer and trade show is coming to San Jose and GROM Audio will be there!

Taking place on Saturday August 1st from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m[RTS1] ., the show will be at Club Auto Sport Event, Center 521 Charcot Avenue, San Jose CA 95131.

Visit GROM’s table and learn more about our latest innovation QRadio, HD Radio Dongle that allows users access to over 2,000 radio stations in crystal clear sound!

SPOCOM is the nation’s largest automotive consumer exhibit, featuring over 75 of the industry’s top brands, media, and event promoters. More than 350 of the nation’s top show cars competing for top spot in this event! The cars are guaranteed to be as unique as they are insane.

This is an eye candy with a twist!

GROM Audio invites you to see what cars can be all about while learning how GROM contributes to its latest car innovation!

Follow this link to learn more about SPOCOM: www.spocomusa.com/2010/01/27/event-info-2015-spocom-norcal-tour/

Look for GROM’s table at the event to win a prize and learn more about our latest car kits!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Soundtrack across the Summer Highway

Rolling tires against dry valley asphalt with hot summer air rushing over your windshield, you once again are making that great journey across the central valley of California, an extended odyssey in your car to meet with friends in Clear Lake or head to Disneyland with the family. Your summer roadtrip has begun.

You’ve already been released from your work schedule and have suspended all errands and chores. You and your partner are resetting your life for this journey. Wherever the destination may lead, you are now focused on the journey itself, without the usual stop and go of everyday commuter traffic. This road is long with few stops and greatly reduced traffic.

Conversation entangles you and your partner’s journey with topics about the destination, lunch, work, family, and other matters. Eventually you both discover a quiet moment where you can mutually absorb the trek’s narrative. Watching the rolling hills and small communities you pass, you eventually ask your partner to find something to listen while you drive.

Instead of focusing on your car stereo, your partner does something different. They pull out their smart phone and turn on its Bluetooth antenna, connecting their phone to your stereo via your GROM Audio car-kit. They browse their music collection for something special—something that suits the journey that both of you are on. They find nothing.

They turn their attention to an app on their phone called TuneIn, a service that offers radio stations broadcasting through the world. They look at their list of stations they follow. Unfortunately, most of these stations only serve their interest during the work week. They don’t offer anything to this journey.

They decide to look at another app. This time they chose Pandora, a service offering music based on songs or artist you select. They don’t find anything there that appeals to this journey; however, they make a new station based on a song they have heard for a while but seems to fit the trip, “Life is a Highway.” Light and an energetic, this song creates a Pandora station full of buoyant songs that bring energy to the road, as your trip creeps past the first hour

The music plays on your stereo via your copy of GROM Audio’s GROM-BT3 car kit. This car kit, along with many others offered by GROM Audio, provides access from your hand-held device (smart phone, mp3 player, etc.) to your car stereo system. Access is provided either by Bluetooth, USB cable, or aux cable. Some models offer voice activation and/or access to steering wheel controls.

GROM Audio is focused on making your mobile devices more assessable to your car, while greatly improving the safety of your driving experience.

The second hour of your trip is pleasantly enhanced through your partner’s music selection; however, traffic is coming to a major jam several miles up the road. Because your car is connect to your partner’s smart phone via GROM’s car kit, you receive an alert through a traffic app your partner installed on their phone. This app announces the traffic alert and offers an alternative route through your car’s stereo system.

Soon, you quickly avoid the traffic jam while discovering a new road on your journey.

And finally, enjoy GROM’’s Summer Play List @ https://soundcloud.com/treamwith/sets/summer

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Music as a source of inspiration and evolution

Music at GROM is central is to the creation of their cars kits. Music affects our moods and the direction of our thinking. As drivers, it can sooth our anxieties while driving through rush hour traffic. During long dull drives, music can excite and reinvigorate us.

Music wears many faces and can seem drastically different depending on the artists, musicians, arrangements, and songwriting. From full orchestra symphonies to three-piece punk bands, music creates different atmospheres and arouses different responses from us. A DJ and rapper can have a significantly different response from an audience than a four-piece acoustic, folk group. Likewise, different audiences and personalities are attracted to these varying visions of what music can materialize as for its listeners.

GROM understands that a large medley of artists and listeners enjoy music while driving. Its customers are a diverse mosaic of audiophiles. That is why GROM has developed a new vision of one of its classic car kits.

The Auxiliary Interface GROM-IPD3 was developed primarily for customers who connect their hand-held devices to their stereo through auxiliary 3.5 connections. This classic kit provided clear, high quality sound through these basic connections. As time passed and technology developed, GROM realized that so have its customers understanding of music technology. This is why GROM is preparing to release GROM-IPD4, the next generation of this classic kit, with new features to bring greater value to its customers.

GROM-IDP4 features full USB port integration for Android phones and iPhones via USB cables. USB offers a higher quality sound, along with stereo assimilation. You can control your hand-held devices (e.g. Android and iPhone/iPod) through your car-stereo and have all information available from your hand-held device displayed through your stereo console.

GROM-IDP4 additionally offers 2 extension ports for the Bluetooth Dongle and AUX 3.5mm phone jack connection. Bluetooth Dongle makes it possible to use a Bluetooth connection to operate your smartphone via its wireless antenna. This allows not only for wireless music streaming through integrated car stereo controls, but also hands-free phone calls too!

The infinite visions of what music can be are astonishing. It is amazing to see how music continues to evolve and sprout new branches of ingenuity and originality. GROM feels the same can be said with the technology of music listening. This technology not only enhances the experience of listening to music while driving, but also ensures the safety of the driver—such as Bluetooth voice activation that allows drivers to keep their attention on the road while selecting music.

GROM will continue to search and develop new ways for their customers to listen to music while they drive. The evolution of music constantly inspires them to continue to redevelop their car kits.

The IDP4 will be available for shipping on July 15th.