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Thursday, September 26, 2013

GROM Audio Delivers Drivers More Listening Options Than Ever

Many drivers have come accustom to connecting their smartphone to their car stereo speakers, in order to listen to their music library. While having the ability to listen to your own music selection is a luxury, having the power to listen to streaming apps, such as Pandorda, Tune-in or Spotify help create a practically endless collection of music for drivers to enjoy.

All of GROM Audio's car audio adapters allow drivers to steam music while driving, making your morning or evening commute much more pleasant. Giving drivers a plethora of listening options, these audio interfaces allow users to not only appreciate streaming apps, but also podcasts or audio books. Giving drivers the capability to connect their devices wirelessly through Bluetooth (an add-on to some audio adapters) or through direct cable connection, GROM audio delivers high-quality sound regardless of what drivers are listening to.

Bringing drivers as many listening options as possible, GROM continually develops new innovative add-ons, audio adapters, and cables to make the driving experience as easy and enjoyable as possible!

Review on GROM-USB2P-BMWT installed into BMW X5 with DSP

We at GROM are always looking to receive the feedback from our customers. This helps us to stay on track, improve and make sure that we are doing the right things. Some of the reviews can also be a great help for the other people who are interested in installing GROM. Here is the one from Amazon customer with BMW X5 (original wording and punctuation are preserved):

"Brought the Grom USB / Ipod and Bluetooth for my 2001 X5 BMW. I have the DSP non Nav radio so to upgrade the system is pretty hard. Had the 6 CD changer in the rear, and sometime it will need to be reset in order for it to work, in other word I had to eject the cartridge and then reinsert the cartridge. My X is too old for the later Bluetooth and the car phone that was available when the X was brand new was analog.

Because I had DSP I had to buy the DSP adapter so that I could have a 6-pins connector for the GROM harness. The install of the DSP adapter was fairly easy. Instead of tapping into the car harness for the DSP adapter power, I tapped into the Grom 3 pins connector that connects to the BMW harness. The center wire in the Grom 3-pins adapter is the power wire and I used a ring for the negative connection to the car body. Connected the harness to the Grom adapter, connected the 3-pins Grom connector to the BMW 3-pins connector, connected the 6-pins Grom connector to the 6-pins connector at the DSP adapter and connected the coaxial cable from the DSP adapter to the BMW Amp.

I'm using a 16GB flash drive that is about the size of a nickle to store my music. I made 6 folders and number them 1-6. Gave the wife 1 folder and the kids 1 folder and I kept the other four folders. The 6 folders matches the 6 cd button on the radio.

Supposedly with a 16GB flash drive I can load close to 3000 MP3 song files. Went to the computer and started dragging my songs into the folders. Ejected my flash drive and inserted in the Grom and started the BMW to listen to the music. The music is as good as any CD that I ripped. The steering wheel button changed tracks and controlled the volume. No more burning CDs. Kool

Next I connected the Bluetooth dongle and paired my cellphone. Called my brother and asked him to call me back. While listen to the Grom, the music was muted as my call came through the car audio system. Kool Next weekend will be to route the microphone cable from the overhead console back to the Grom.

Finally connected the Ipod cable and,my Ipod to the Grom. Selected Ipod and the next thing I knew the Grom was playing music from my Ipod. I could use the click wheel to select songs or start a playlist and use the radio control or steering wheel control to go back and forth on the playlist. The Ipod cable also charged my Ipod. Kool again.

So if you want something better than the CD changer and you want Bluetooth capability in your X install a Grom, you won't be disappointed."

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Friday, September 20, 2013

GROM Audio Products are Compatible with Apple's iOS 7 Update

Apple has officially released its latest software update, iOS 7. The launch has been met more praises than complaints so far, unlike its previous update that unveiled Apple Maps and its countless kinks. Giving Apple users some much needed updates, the technology giant brings customers new security features, multitasking abilities and file/data sharing through Airdrop, just to name a few. All of which are viewable through the new streamlined iPhone/iPod/iPad design, giving users more screen space and a minimalist easy-to-use display. 

To ensure Apple users, who are also GROM Audio users, can utilize these new updates while driving, GROM has spent the last week testing all of its Apple compatible products. The car audio company is pleased to announce that with testing complete, all GROM car audio adapters, add-on products and cables ARE adaptable to iOS 7.

Drivers will still have all the luxuries their GROM audio interface brings them while on-the-go, but with more features than ever!  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Using Auxiliary Cables with GROM Audio adapters

Most drivers know they can use an auxiliary cable to connect their MP3 player to their car stereo speakers. But auxiliary cables can do much more than connect an MP3 player. GROM Audio's AUX-IN 3.5mm cable allows drivers to connect a multitude of devices including, mobile phones, DVD players, tablets and more.

These easy-to-use cords take up almost no extra space and are compatible with any of the following car audio adapters, GROM-AND2, GROM-USB2P, GROM-MST3, GROM-BT3 and GROM-AUX3. GROM's AUX-IN 3.5mm cable gives drivers the convenience of listening to their own music library, music streaming app or podcast, while supplying 5V USB charging for their device—a feature many other auxiliary cables do not have.

To add this streamlined product to your car stereo, for convenience and high-quality sound follow these steps:

1.) Make sure 5ft auxiliary cord is connected to your GROM audio adapter.
2.) Switch to the GROM mode (CD, AUX, Disc or XM button - depending on the car stereo)
3.) For GROM-USB2P or GROM-MST3 switch to the AUX mode (according to the manual). For GROM-BT3, GROM-AUX3 or GROM-AND2 there is no need to switch the mode, once the music device is turned on, it will start playing through the car stereo speakers.
4.) Plug-in male aux-in 3.5mm connector into your device (where you typically connect headphones).
5.) Turn on your device. Make sure that the volume on the device is turned up. You can control the volume using car stereo volume knob or steering
wheel volume controls.

Friday, September 13, 2013

GROM Audio Helps Drivers Use Apple Maps with iOS 7

On the cusp of Apple's latest operating system launch, iOS 7 is set to be revealed to the public September 18. The Silicon Valley technology giant replaced its Google Maps app with their previous operating system update (iOS 6), back in September 2012—causing an uproar for travelers across the world.The replacement, Apple Maps, was quickly met by a flurry of malfunctions, sending drivers, runners and walkers alike off the beat and path, to say the least. 

Now ready to unveil its latest update, Apple is happy to bring drivers and GPS users a new and improved Apple Maps, along with several other new Apple applications. 

GROM Audio is ready to help drivers take advantage of the company's latest improvements with iPod car audio adapters. With the ability to connect your iPod/iPhone/iPad to your car, drivers can not only take advantage of voice turn-by-turn directions to avoid getting lost but can also utilize a plethora of applications stored on your Smartphone. Let GROM make your drive less stressful, through easy-to-use iPod car adapters, compatible with AUDI, BMW, Honda, Fiat, Acura and more.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Set Up Your Smartphone with Voice Turn-By-Turn Directions via GROM-BT3

Tired of having to look up directions before you get in the car?  Let GROM's car audio adapters make your drive easier through turn-by-turn directions via your car stereo speakers. GROM Audio's Bluetooth adapters give you the capability to avoid getting lost, missing turns or forgetting routes through voice directions. The GROM-BT3 is compatible with a variety of smartphones, giving drivers an array of GPS apps to use, while on the road. Regardless if you are using Google Maps, Apple Maps or a different application, this Bluetooth audio receiver allows drivers to forget about the stress of getting lost and enjoy the drive!

This aftermarket Bluetooth car kit (GROM-BT3) is easy to install and makes driving more convenient than ever! Easily pair your smartphone with the GROM device to have the advantage of hands-free calling and wireless A2DP audio streaming in addition to voice turn-by-turn directions.

Following the pairing set below: 
1.) Please make sure that Bluetooth function on your phone is ACTIVE or Turned ON and the phone is set to be discoverable before turning car key in ignition.
2.) Turn on vehicle's radio - GROM-BT3 will become discoverable by your phone for 3 minutes. (You must pair phone within that time interval)
4.)Your phone may ask for confirmation and you can get the pop-up message: “Confirm that the passkey “…” is shown on GROM-CAR”. Click “PAIR”, then a random pin will pop up; you should only have to press Connect.
3.) After pairing in complete, your phone will automatically connect to the GROM-BT3 upon ignition start, whether radio is ON or OFF. The pairing only needs to be performed once.

GROM Audio at Dubfest Car Show 2013

GROM Audio took a part of the Dubfest Car Show this year as an official sponsor. GROM presented a live demo at the show with a fully integrated GROM-USB2P presenting its latest products including support for European factory car stereos.

In addition, we installed GROM’s Car Kit at our booth to showcase the installation for Jacquelyn & Todd (VW Rabbit and Golf) – Jacquelyn and Todd are now equipped with GROM’s Car kit - according to both, they couldn’t be happier with full audio integration; connecting Bluetooth for hands free can wireless streaming, Smartphones and multimedia devices to their factory car stereos.

The crowd was amazing and GROM’s Car-Kits for European cars were a huge hit at the show. Many attendees came by our booth with a great deal of interest and some of them became our new customers!

In addition to sponsoring trophies for the winners of best of Euro cars, GROM ran a raffle giveaway for the show attendees to make the day even more exciting!
GROM Audio's European car kits integrate factory car stereos to create Bluetooth audio streaming and hands-free communication. Upon installation, the drivers will have the ability to connect any mobile device to their car stereo through the wires provided or wirelessly - allowing music to be played automatically.

These easy-to-install car kits are designed to not only reduce noise and eliminate echo, but also produce high-quality sound for crystal clear calls. Additionally, GROM Audio's European car kits allow Android and USB integration, giving consumers more media playing options.

GROM’s team at the show worked hard and it all paid off by the great success at the show!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Find the Right Car Audio Adapter for your Vehicle

GROM Audio creates car audio adapters for a wide variety of car makes and models. With over 30 compatible car makes, GROM takes pride in designing and creating aftermarket stereo adapters for drivers. With vehicle specific products, the Bay Area car audio company brings drivers exactly what they need for the perfect in-car audio listening experience.

The GROM-USB2P-VAG is one of the car audio adapters that is compatible with multiple car makes and models including, VW, SEAT and Skoda vehicles. This audio interface gives drivers direct connection of USB or Android devices, as well as the ability to connect Bluetooth, auxiliary and iPod/iPhone/iPad, all sold separately. Through these connections, drivers receive high-quality sound via music app streaming, podcasts and their own music library. With direct connection drivers have the ability to control, play and charge their devices, making their in-car experience much more enjoyable.

GROM Audio creates many other car audio adapters compatible with many other vehicles, transforming your car audio experience. Stop listening to the same radio station and avoid constant commercials through one of GROM's quality audio adapters! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Use Your USB Device to Listen to Music in the Car

Many European cars come equipped with a USB output, making it easy for drivers to listen to media stored on a mass storage device. This is why it is common practice for European drivers to use USB devices, rather than a MP3 players or mobile phones, to listen to music while driving. Since USB devices often have much more space to store music and media, users can free up space on their mobile phones to allow applications to load faster and phone battery to last longer.

But many car makes, both American and European, do not come standard with the use of USB. Therefore, drivers must adapt their vehicles in order to use the luxury of using a mass storage device to play media. GROM Audio designs and manufactures USB adapters with add-ons to cater to drivers audio needs. Car audio adapters such as the GROM-USB2P give drivers not only the ability to listen to music on a flash drive, but also direct connection Android devices and the capability to add Bluetooth, aux input, and iPod/iPhone connectivity (all sold separately).