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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Using Auxiliary Cables with GROM Audio adapters

Most drivers know they can use an auxiliary cable to connect their MP3 player to their car stereo speakers. But auxiliary cables can do much more than connect an MP3 player. GROM Audio's AUX-IN 3.5mm cable allows drivers to connect a multitude of devices including, mobile phones, DVD players, tablets and more.

These easy-to-use cords take up almost no extra space and are compatible with any of the following car audio adapters, GROM-AND2, GROM-USB2P, GROM-MST3, GROM-BT3 and GROM-AUX3. GROM's AUX-IN 3.5mm cable gives drivers the convenience of listening to their own music library, music streaming app or podcast, while supplying 5V USB charging for their device—a feature many other auxiliary cables do not have.

To add this streamlined product to your car stereo, for convenience and high-quality sound follow these steps:

1.) Make sure 5ft auxiliary cord is connected to your GROM audio adapter.
2.) Switch to the GROM mode (CD, AUX, Disc or XM button - depending on the car stereo)
3.) For GROM-USB2P or GROM-MST3 switch to the AUX mode (according to the manual). For GROM-BT3, GROM-AUX3 or GROM-AND2 there is no need to switch the mode, once the music device is turned on, it will start playing through the car stereo speakers.
4.) Plug-in male aux-in 3.5mm connector into your device (where you typically connect headphones).
5.) Turn on your device. Make sure that the volume on the device is turned up. You can control the volume using car stereo volume knob or steering
wheel volume controls.

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