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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Set Up Your Smartphone with Voice Turn-By-Turn Directions via GROM-BT3

Tired of having to look up directions before you get in the car?  Let GROM's car audio adapters make your drive easier through turn-by-turn directions via your car stereo speakers. GROM Audio's Bluetooth adapters give you the capability to avoid getting lost, missing turns or forgetting routes through voice directions. The GROM-BT3 is compatible with a variety of smartphones, giving drivers an array of GPS apps to use, while on the road. Regardless if you are using Google Maps, Apple Maps or a different application, this Bluetooth audio receiver allows drivers to forget about the stress of getting lost and enjoy the drive!

This aftermarket Bluetooth car kit (GROM-BT3) is easy to install and makes driving more convenient than ever! Easily pair your smartphone with the GROM device to have the advantage of hands-free calling and wireless A2DP audio streaming in addition to voice turn-by-turn directions.

Following the pairing set below: 
1.) Please make sure that Bluetooth function on your phone is ACTIVE or Turned ON and the phone is set to be discoverable before turning car key in ignition.
2.) Turn on vehicle's radio - GROM-BT3 will become discoverable by your phone for 3 minutes. (You must pair phone within that time interval)
4.)Your phone may ask for confirmation and you can get the pop-up message: “Confirm that the passkey “…” is shown on GROM-CAR”. Click “PAIR”, then a random pin will pop up; you should only have to press Connect.
3.) After pairing in complete, your phone will automatically connect to the GROM-BT3 upon ignition start, whether radio is ON or OFF. The pairing only needs to be performed once.

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