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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Let GROM Audio Help You Find The Best Bluetooth Adapter For Your Car

Safety on the road should be a priority when driving and one of the easiest ways to ensure drivers can keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road is through wireless Bluetooth. GROM Audio creates Bluetooth adapters, which are compatible with iPhone/iPad, Android Smartphones such as HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus and other phones, giving our customers the best Bluetooth options for their car stereo.

GROM Audio's GROM-BT3 adapters are compatible with many car makes and models including Fiat, Honda and Mazda as well as luxury car makes such as BMW, AUDI, Mercedes. These easy-to-use adapters allow drivers to receive incoming calls, make outgoing calls and stream music wirelessly, making their drive easier and more safe.

Like all of GROM Audio's multimedia interfaces the GROM-BT3 is designed to allow drivers convenience and enjoyment in just a few easy steps--making phone integration faster than ever. Please find a full list of car makes and model the GROM-BT3 is compatible with at gromaudio.com.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Need help with your Bluetooth, iPod/iPhone car adapter installation? Follow these steps from GROM Audio:

While GROM Audio takes pride in creating easy-to-use in-car multimedia integration systems, we also understand installation can be confusing for users without experience. Since many people are not aware of the technical terms associated with installation, GROM Audio has created a step-by-step installation video, to make the task much easier!

Watch this 3 minute installation video, which takes users through the steps of taking out the climate control and radio from the dash, connecting the GROM adapter to the radio cords and remounting the stereo and climate control in the dash.

In just a few easy steps, users can enjoy their own music library with higher sound quality through GROM Audio's direct connection!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

GROM Audio integrates Android with GROM-USB2P

As Google's Android operating system continues to increase in popularity, GROM Audio continues  to bring customers the best quality adapters to fit their needs. Known as the first car audio company to deliver direct connection of Android smartphones or tablets to factory car stereos, GROM Audio strives to give drivers the ability to use their mobile devices on-the-go.

The GROM-USB2P car kit gives drivers the ability to not only listen to their own music library straight from their smartphone or tablet, but it also gives users the best sound quality through direct digital connection. This direct digital connection creates high-quality sound by keeping the digital signal intact until it is converted to an analog signal. This means no unnecessary manipulations are made to the music signals, creating little to no interference.

This GROM Audio interface integrates Bluetooth technology as well (via the Bluetooth Dongle, GROM-BTD) giving drivers the ability to talk on the phone hands-free while driving. Because safety on the road is the most important factor of driving, this feature allows users keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road at all times.

It is GROM Audio's goal to continue to bring Android users more car audio integration options and the GROM-USB2P is only the beginning of its Google compatible multimedia systems. Please check the GROM Audio website for compatible Android devices and stay tuned for more GROM products suited for the Android operating system.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

GROM Audio's: What is your favorite app, contest winners announced!

Submissions are in and smartphone users have weighed in on their favorite smartphone functionalities and applications. From GPS capabilities to music streaming, users submitted countless entries informing fellow GROM Audio fans of their favorite applications.

With the convenience the Internet at our finger tips, smartphone users have the ability to access much more than their favorite playlist or Internet radio station—now users can play games, read the news, or even watch TV. These powerful devices allow people to maintain their busy lives, while on-the-go, giving people more mobility than ever. 

Our three winners introduced unique ways they use their smartphones, sharing how apps they use regularly, impact their lives.

1st Place: Jordan Cambra

My favorite app has to be C:GEO. It's an open source app that uses your built-in GPS and locating services to help you find geo-caches! Geo-caching is a global hide and seek game where you use GPS coordinates to find hidden containers placed around the environment. If you live in an urban area like me, then there are handfuls of geo-caches within walking distance. However it is more fun to drive to less familiar places first and then start hunting. Of course I also use my phone for music with my GROM audio input, it makes the drive to my geo-caching destination just as much fun as the activity itself.

2nd Place: Peter P.
MINT because I can link my financial accounts and check it all on my phone. I can edit each transaction and do budgets. It really keeps me in check with my spending. It also gives me alerts when I have a bill coming up.

3rd Place: Chris M.
Channel app. Pro version. Watch just about any tv show or movie without popups. Works great with vizo co-star and after downloading The vplayer app and adjusting the settings works great on my galaxy nexus and nexus 7 as well. It destroys Netflix and free except for the pro version of the app which allows you to view movies.

The first place winner receives a $45 Amazon gift card, while second place receives a GROM t-shirt/cap combo and third a GROM t-shirt. Stay tuned to gromaudio.com and facebook.com/gromaudio for our next contest!

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