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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Let GROM Audio Help You Find The Best Bluetooth Adapter For Your Car

Safety on the road should be a priority when driving and one of the easiest ways to ensure drivers can keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road is through wireless Bluetooth. GROM Audio creates Bluetooth adapters, which are compatible with iPhone/iPad, Android Smartphones such as HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus and other phones, giving our customers the best Bluetooth options for their car stereo.

GROM Audio's GROM-BT3 adapters are compatible with many car makes and models including Fiat, Honda and Mazda as well as luxury car makes such as BMW, AUDI, Mercedes. These easy-to-use adapters allow drivers to receive incoming calls, make outgoing calls and stream music wirelessly, making their drive easier and more safe.

Like all of GROM Audio's multimedia interfaces the GROM-BT3 is designed to allow drivers convenience and enjoyment in just a few easy steps--making phone integration faster than ever. Please find a full list of car makes and model the GROM-BT3 is compatible with at gromaudio.com.

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