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Friday, August 2, 2013

Have a car stereo with optical fiber technology? Let GROM Audio introduce you to the GROM-MST3 adapter

GROM Audio takes pride in providing its customers with the most up-to-date multimedia interfaces available. Which means, its product line includes equipment compatible with optical fiber  technology—common in many newer German car makes and models. Since optical fiber stereo systems have become more popular, GROM Audio has created the GROM-MST3.

This easy-to-use in car adapter gives customer the convenience of two external ports, allowing connection of AUX-IN, Bluetooth, Android and/or iPhone/iPod. With the ability to charge your devices and listen to music through in car Bluetooth wireless playback this car audio adapter creates a better driving experience for drivers and passengers alike.

Watch GROM Audio's step-by-step video below for further directions.


  1. I had my car in the shop for 2 days with the techs trying to figure this out.

    Simply saying 'activate' CD changer is not helpful. They had to dig out the CD changer codes and even once they had it, nothing worked. The device simply does not work no matter how hard we tried.

    I cannot get a refund either.
    This is a shady product. I should have bought a Dension unit in the first place.

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