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Saturday, August 17, 2013

GROM Audio is sponsoring at the longest and most anticipated European car event this year – DUBFEST Car Show!

GROM Audio is excited to be a part of the longest and most anticipated European car event this year – DUBFEST Car Show!  We are honored to sponsor and host a booth at the show.

GROM Audio will be hosting a booth with a variety of European Cars featuring GROM’s Car Kit live demonstration.  The DUBFEST show attendees are welcome to participate in the live demo with their Smartphones and Multimedia devices.   

GROM’s car kits  incorporate Bluetooth technology, allowing in-car hands-free calling and wireless audio for streaming media. 

GROM Audio’s focus is for drivers are looking to enhance their music listening experience on the road with safety.  Drivers will benefit from higher sound quality, as a result of direct audio connection and mobile devices can be controlled straight from the car stereo display!

Please visit us at GROM's Booth and test out your next car kit for any of the European car models.   Also, GROM will be running a raffle giveaway at the show - $100.00 gift certificate for GROM’s Car kits.

We are excited to see you all at DUBFEST 2013!


  1. Why not to make our car automated by these devices wonder full idea and thanks for sharing! i suggest this to my car financing in houston

  2. Yes! It would be great, and that is the reason why GROM has been focusing on older car models to provide the functionality.

    Thank you for your thought and comment!