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Thursday, August 29, 2013

GROM Adds Direct Android Connection for High-Quality Sound and Listening

Most Apple users have come accustom to countless products to adapt to their iPhones, iPads, or iPods. Companies, including GROM Audio, create iPod car adapters, auxiliary cables and/or Bluetooth devices allowing drivers the ability to listen to music in the car, make calls hands-free, connect to GPS and much

But what about Android users?

GROM Audio is the only car audio company to meet the growing demand for Android-compatible equipment to connect Google devices to your vehicle. The more people switch to the Android operating system, the more they will find that there is a clear lack of Android adapters to connect their devices to their vehicles. This is why GROM Audio has spent the last year on Android development, creating car audio adapters, which give Android users the same capabilities as as Apple users.

Through adapters such as the GROM-AND2, Android users have the ability to directly connect their phone or tablet to their vehicle. Then they have the same luxuries Apple users have, including the ability to connect wirelessly through Bluetooth, stream music through apps or listen to their own music library. These Android audio adapters also give drivers GPS capabilities and hands-free calling through Bluetooth, making being on-the-go so much easier!

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