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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Listen to World Cup 2014 Coverage with GROM Audio

After months, if not years of anticipation, the 2014 World Cup if officially here. Hosted by Brazil, in Rio De Janerio, the world's biggest soccer tournament comes to fans every four years, giving the best players from every country the opportunity to prove they are world champions. As one of the most watched sporting events on the globe, the World Cup, brings sports fans and non fans together for the excitement of worldwide competition.

Thursday marked the start of the 64-game tournament and GROM Audio wanted to assure our customers that our car audio adapters will allow you to listen to the games wherever you may go. With the FIFA World Cup app, avid soccer fans or newly interested World Cup devotees can get the scoop on the behind the scenes action or the sideline play-by-play through FIFA's virtual World Cup stadium. Creating a global a conversation, fans can use the #joinin hashtag to see the latest trending topics for World Cup Brazil.

Starting the competition off Thursday afternoon, Brazil took on Croatia (3-1) for the opening game, with the US's first game on Monday, June 16.  How do you will the US do without their long time veteran Landon Donovan?

Over the weekend expect some heated battles with Spain took on the Netherlands on Friday (5-1) and England vs. Italy on Saturday before Germany goes up against Portugal on Monday, before the US take center stage. Ensuring you don't miss a second while on-the-go, GROM Audio is ready to bring you all the action while your on the road!

#Joinin the World Cup 2014 conversation with #gromaudio!

Monday, June 9, 2014

How To: GROM Audio explains downloading music to your Android device

For Apple users, uploading and downloading music to and from iTunes seems to be almost automatic. With over 13 years since the release of the first generation iPod, it is no surprise iTunes is still going strong. But other providers have made leaps when it comes to music on-the-go, giving consumers a choice when it comes to music mobility. Google's Android operating system has seen a serious influx of users over the past few years, making the Google Play application key component to Android users' listening experience.

As the first aftermarket car audio company to provide seamless integration of Android devices to factory car stereos, GROM Audio wants to ensure all of our users can listen to their music library while driving. Through just a few easy steps, GROM Audio can show you how download music from your computer to your Android device, allowing drivers to take control of their music selection!

For Windows Users:
  1. Connect your computer to your Android device using a USB cable
    - If you are prompted to select a USB connection option on your device, select Media Device (MTP)
  2. Locate the music files on your computer and drag to your device's music folder

For Mac Users:
  1. Download and install Android File Transfer to your computer
  2. Connect your computer to your Android device using a USB cable
    - If you are prompted to select a USB connection option on your device, select Media Device (MTP)
  3. Locate music files on your computer and drag them to your device's music folder via Android File Transfer
After you have downloaded music to your Android phone, you can use GROM Audio's AALinQ application, a music player created to function seamlessly with our adapter.

To use the AALinQ app, download it from the Google Play marketplace. (Just search for the AALinQ in the Google Play search box)

1. Open the app, go to Settings
2. Tap "Music home folder" to specify what folder you want AALinQ to take the music from
Please note: Usually AALinQ will grab all the music that you have on your phone, but sometimes you still need to adjust the destination music folder for AALinQ

Start using AALinQ!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

GROM Audio: The Beginning of a Start Up Company

Connected Car Infotainment System by GROM
Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, GROM Audio understands the vast progression of technology and startup culture. With countless entrepreneurs flocking to the Bay Area to begin their latest venture, the competition is stiff and setting yourself apart can be even tougher. As a new technology company ourselves, we strive to deliver exceptional products which build on innovation and as GROM continues to grow, our team learns about the pitfalls of creating innovation from scratch.

Now as we prepare to unveil our latest aftermarket auto solution, which will transform outdated stock stereos into connected car systems, our team is working tirelessly to stand out in the sea of technology startups and giants alike. As we embark on our latest venture, we have found that building a community of shared knowledge is the best way to continue to create innovation. These are some tips that have helped GROM Audio grow!

1.) Setting Yourself Apart

  • Since technology has allowed people to sell, market and reach consumers without having to purchase a storefront, starting a company is easier than ever. This means there is countless competition, whether legitimate or not.
2.) Funding
  • Determining where to find money—whether it is a business loan, crowdsourcing or finding investors—to be a successful company, you must have "seed" money. While there are many ways to achieve funding, for many startups it is hard to finding right investment for your vision.
  • Understanding the funding processes when reaching out to investors—who are the right investors, what do they receive for their investment, when do they receive it, etc.
3.) Knowing the right way to spend your investments
  • Once, if ever, you receive an investment for your vision, where does that money go? To design? Production? Or getting your brand name out there? What if you don't have a brand identity yet? Do you spend money on creating a recognizable logo or do you spend money on creating the product?
  • Prioritizing within a startup can be very difficult and hard to navigate when you are beginning. Deciding where to start can be challenging… want some advice, well a consultant costs a pretty penny too. 

4.) Forming a startup team
  • Many startups begin from the idea for a product or service, like GROM Audio. But the idea to create a product that can transform your driving experience is not a business plan. Forming a team that can design, manufacture, market and generate revenue to continue production; all on a typically small starting budget is one of the hardest aspects of the startup culture.
Stay tuned for more tips as GROM Audio prepares to unveil our next car audio solution, on our path to aftermarket audio innovation!