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Friday, July 18, 2014

Recycle with GROM Audio for a Cleaner World

While the West Coast suffers from one of the most severe droughts in decades, the environment stays at the forefront of everyone's minds. States like California and Nevada have begun imposing mandatory restrictions on water usage, making it clear that this is drastic weather is effecting people's day-to-day lives in more ways than one.

Based in Northern California, GROM Audio strives to be as environmentally conscious all the time. To do our part, to help prevent adding more unnecessary waste to California land which is already suffering, GROM provides our customers with the least equipment possible. By customizing our aftermarket car kits to our clients specific needs, we can reduce the amount of unneeded accessories, while making our customers' lives less cluttered with useless cords, connectors and other add-ons. Through our packaging, which is made of 100% recycled materials, we make an effort to provide minimal waste for our customers as well. By staying conscious about both our impact as a company and our customers impact by using our products,  GROM Audio hopes to help lower unnecessary production, that ultimately creates excess waste.

To help our customers reduce their own impact, GROM Audio always encourages our customers to return any equipment that is no longer used. Whether it is outdated or just cords that you ultimately decided not to use, we will always recycle them responsibly at no extra charge! To do so, contact GROM Audio at shipping@gromaudio.com and we will send you a prepaid shipping label for shipping within the U.S.

If you have old or unused equipment please return it to:

GROM Audio Recycle Program
P.O. Box 619
Belmont, CA 94002

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

GROM Launches Summer Music Playlist Series!

GROM Audio is excited to launch our new Summer playlist series! Combining a passion for technology and music, GROM Audio delivers drivers high quality aftermarket audio adapters that transform your in-car listening experience. Taking pride in building seamless integration systems, we have spent time and energy in creating the best sound quality available for aftermarket adapters.

So to help celebrate our passion for everything music, GROM Audio has launched a playlist series that will feature music from up-and-coming artists and well known musicians alike. Bringing our customers something to listen to while on the road, each month we will unveil a new playlist to get you moving.

Last month was the official launch of our Summer of music and we brought you a sunny feeling through uplifting tracks ranging from a variety of emerging artists. GROM will be bringing drivers these playlists through SoundCloud and music streaming application, which is compatible with all of our aftermarket interfaces. With hopes to introduce new music artists to our current and potential customers, our goal is to spread our love for music to more listeners.

Check out last month's playlist below—and stay tuned for new playlists at the start of every month. Looking to contribute reach us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what songs you want to hear on our next playlist!

Summer is here with Grom Audio!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

GROM Audio Featured at Infamous Hot Import Nights Car Show

After an exciting first showing at a Hot Import Nights car show, GROM Audio is excited to reach new and current car enthusiasts from around the Bay Area. Held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, this was a car event to remember with beautifully customized import vehicles, hot up-and-coming models and live music—making it much more than your average car show.

GROM Audio hosted our own booth to help promote our latest aftermarket audio adapters and with major interest in our newest innovations, our team was able to showcase the future of GROM Audio. At this specific Hot Import Nights, aka HIN, car show, AT&T hosted a mobile app hackathon, which focused on connected cars. There, GROM was able to interact with some of Silicon Valley's brightest developers, many of whom were working to build upon innovation much like GROM's. Through this interactive aspect of the car show, attendees were able to see first-hand how programmers build upon, develop and master the latest cutting edge tools to give automotive companies the potential for connected cars. Helping spur a buzz about the latest in car connectivity, this hackathon gave attendees insight into how Silicon Valley may be emerging as the newest automotive epicenter.

While at the car show, GROM Audio featured a giveaway raffle for attendees to enter and win one of our Bluetooth car kits. After compiling countless entries, our team will be excited to announce the winner of the free Bluetooth audio adapter via Facebook later this week. Stay tuned to our social media pages for our latest company updates, future events and more contest for free merchandise!

GROM Audio would like to thank all of our supporters, current customers and newly introduced advocates from the HIN car show. Through your continued support, we are able to feature our latest innovations at car shows like these!