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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

GROM Launches Summer Music Playlist Series!

GROM Audio is excited to launch our new Summer playlist series! Combining a passion for technology and music, GROM Audio delivers drivers high quality aftermarket audio adapters that transform your in-car listening experience. Taking pride in building seamless integration systems, we have spent time and energy in creating the best sound quality available for aftermarket adapters.

So to help celebrate our passion for everything music, GROM Audio has launched a playlist series that will feature music from up-and-coming artists and well known musicians alike. Bringing our customers something to listen to while on the road, each month we will unveil a new playlist to get you moving.

Last month was the official launch of our Summer of music and we brought you a sunny feeling through uplifting tracks ranging from a variety of emerging artists. GROM will be bringing drivers these playlists through SoundCloud and music streaming application, which is compatible with all of our aftermarket interfaces. With hopes to introduce new music artists to our current and potential customers, our goal is to spread our love for music to more listeners.

Check out last month's playlist below—and stay tuned for new playlists at the start of every month. Looking to contribute reach us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what songs you want to hear on our next playlist!

Summer is here with Grom Audio!

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