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Thursday, August 8, 2013

GROM Audio Brings VW Drivers USB and Android Connection

Looking for a universal audio solution to add to your VW factory car stereo? GROM Audio has affordable, simple to use adapter solutions to allow MP3 player and smartphone integration through USB connection. With the ease of the GROM-USB2P-VAG adapters, users have the ability to listen to their own music library, while also allowing the convenience of Bluetooth connection (through add-on, sold separately).

The GROM-USB2P-VAG is compatible with many VW models, including Jetta and Passat ('99-'10),  Golf ('98-'12) and Beatle ('99-'10) as well as SEAT and Skoda vehicles. (Find full compatibility list at gromaudio.com). This stereo audio adapter is the best car adapter for Android smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S and S II and USB mass storage devices, giving users playback through steering wheel or stereo controls.

These newly improved multimedia interfaces enhance drivers in-car experience, giving them features such as FLAC support as well as support for ACC/MP4, WAV and online music streaming. For more information on this car audio adapter and installation instructions see the video below.

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