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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

GROM Audio's USB Adapters Allow Drivers to Listen to their Own Music in the Car

You bought your MP3 player and/or smartphone so you could be on-the-go with your music library at all times. But if your vehicle is not equipped with the necessary outputs, you may not be able to listen to your device while in the car. Many car makes and models do not come standard with iPod/iPhone, Android or Bluetooth connectivity, making it difficult to enjoy your music everywhere you would like.

There are a multitude of products to help alleviate these issues including USB adapters, which allow direct connection of Android music players, MP3 players and USB mass storage devices. GROM Audio designed the GROM-USB2P, which is compatible with a large variety of vehicles including Ford, GMC, Nissan, BMW and more, so drivers could experience the ability to listen to their music while on the road. These USB audio adapters give users the ability to connect many other extensions including AUX cables, iPod connection and Bluetooth Dongles (all sold separately) to allow a seamless listening experience in the car.

We understand the frustration of listening to endless commercials on the radio while you make your morning and evening commute. Having the convenience of your own music at your fingertips creates a more relaxing drive and GROM Audio wants to help drivers stay relaxed!

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