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Friday, August 30, 2013

Customize a Car Audio Adapter - Fit to Your Needs

Many cars, new and old, do not come equipped with the technology to connect your MP3 player, mobile phone or tablet to your car stereo. Therefore, in order to enjoy your own music library, stream music or listen to podcasts, drivers must buy products such as adapters, auxiliary cables,  USB cords, FM transmitters or even  new stereos in same cases. Not only are there many products on the market to adapt your music player into an in-car theater, but there are also many different types of music players—making it hard to find the best equipment for your needs.

GROM Audio creates customizable car kits for over 30 car makes and models, perfect for a multitude of car audio needs—giving both Android and iOS users many different options to satisfy their in-car listening issues. GROM designs, develops and manufactures car audio adapters, which have add-ons such as Bluetooth dongles, auxiliary capabilities and USB connection. These adapters and add-on products allow drivers to create an audio adapter tailored to their exact needs, whether they are looking for an Android audio adapter or iPod (iPhone) car adapter.

With the ability to create exactly what you want, drivers can avoid extra unnecessary equipment while enjoying features like Bluetooth wireless connectivity for hands-free driving, wireless music listening and GPS turn-by-turn navigation (via Bluetooth adapter or Dongle add-on). Through USB, AUX, iPod, Android and Bluetooth integration GROM gives users personalized after-market car stereo adapters transforming their in-car listening experience.

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