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Thursday, September 26, 2013

GROM Audio Delivers Drivers More Listening Options Than Ever

Many drivers have come accustom to connecting their smartphone to their car stereo speakers, in order to listen to their music library. While having the ability to listen to your own music selection is a luxury, having the power to listen to streaming apps, such as Pandorda, Tune-in or Spotify help create a practically endless collection of music for drivers to enjoy.

All of GROM Audio's car audio adapters allow drivers to steam music while driving, making your morning or evening commute much more pleasant. Giving drivers a plethora of listening options, these audio interfaces allow users to not only appreciate streaming apps, but also podcasts or audio books. Giving drivers the capability to connect their devices wirelessly through Bluetooth (an add-on to some audio adapters) or through direct cable connection, GROM audio delivers high-quality sound regardless of what drivers are listening to.

Bringing drivers as many listening options as possible, GROM continually develops new innovative add-ons, audio adapters, and cables to make the driving experience as easy and enjoyable as possible!

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