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Friday, September 13, 2013

GROM Audio Helps Drivers Use Apple Maps with iOS 7

On the cusp of Apple's latest operating system launch, iOS 7 is set to be revealed to the public September 18. The Silicon Valley technology giant replaced its Google Maps app with their previous operating system update (iOS 6), back in September 2012—causing an uproar for travelers across the world.The replacement, Apple Maps, was quickly met by a flurry of malfunctions, sending drivers, runners and walkers alike off the beat and path, to say the least. 

Now ready to unveil its latest update, Apple is happy to bring drivers and GPS users a new and improved Apple Maps, along with several other new Apple applications. 

GROM Audio is ready to help drivers take advantage of the company's latest improvements with iPod car audio adapters. With the ability to connect your iPod/iPhone/iPad to your car, drivers can not only take advantage of voice turn-by-turn directions to avoid getting lost but can also utilize a plethora of applications stored on your Smartphone. Let GROM make your drive less stressful, through easy-to-use iPod car adapters, compatible with AUDI, BMW, Honda, Fiat, Acura and more.

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