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Friday, September 20, 2013

GROM Audio Products are Compatible with Apple's iOS 7 Update

Apple has officially released its latest software update, iOS 7. The launch has been met more praises than complaints so far, unlike its previous update that unveiled Apple Maps and its countless kinks. Giving Apple users some much needed updates, the technology giant brings customers new security features, multitasking abilities and file/data sharing through Airdrop, just to name a few. All of which are viewable through the new streamlined iPhone/iPod/iPad design, giving users more screen space and a minimalist easy-to-use display. 

To ensure Apple users, who are also GROM Audio users, can utilize these new updates while driving, GROM has spent the last week testing all of its Apple compatible products. The car audio company is pleased to announce that with testing complete, all GROM car audio adapters, add-on products and cables ARE adaptable to iOS 7.

Drivers will still have all the luxuries their GROM audio interface brings them while on-the-go, but with more features than ever!  

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