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Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Locate BMW CD Changer Connector in a BMW Trunk

While GROM Audio takes pride in providing its customers with easy-to-use car audio adapters, we understand that installation of these interfaces can be confusing to novice users. For drivers with BMW vehicles, equipped with navigation or DSP, installation of their GROM device is slightly different than other vehicles because they must install their adapter in the trunk, where the CD changer is located.

If the CD changer was not previously installed, locating the connector is tricky, as it is well hidden behind a fabric cover in the trunk.

So today we will give BMW drivers a step-by-step tutorial on locating the correct trunk mounting cable to allow Android and USB integration, as well as iPhone connectivity and/or Bluetooth 
capabilities—depending on the car kit purchased.

In order to connect GROM interfaces such as a BMW iPhone adapter, you must first locate the 3-pin connector for the CD changer.  Please watch the Youtube video that explains where the connector is located. Please note, in BMWs with cell phone connection, there are two 3-pin connectors that look almost identical. To ensure you disconnect the correct 3-pin connector associated with the CD changer, please watch the tutorial video below:

Once you have located the cable with the brown ground wire in position #1, drivers can easily disconnect the CD changer and attach the matching cables to connect their GROM device. These steps are the same regardless of whether you have purchased a Bluetooth car kit for BMW or you are installing an adapter for BMW Android and USB integration.

Despite the features you are looking for or the device you are looking to connect, GROM Audio can help you create an on-the-go media center in your BMW!

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