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Monday, May 11, 2015

GROM Audio Forum: a New Channel in Our Car Audio Experience

Here at GROM Audio, we are passionate about our music, our car kits, and offering superior service for our customers. We are also passionate about the exciting innovations in connected car technology.

We aim to enhance car infotainment systems by offering hand-held device integration through our car kits. These innovations not only provide an exceptional listening experience, but also offer services like GPS navigation, along with other connected car features.

We know our customers share this passion. This is why GROM Audio wants to encourage a community amongst our customers.

For this reason, GROM Audio has just released a forum page on our website! This next development will be a fundamental step towards fostering community amongst our customers.
As you may be aware, forums are an excellent space to discuss products, network with other customers, offer suggestions and advice, and ask questions. Forums are also a method to search for answers to questions and problems that have already been discussed.
As always, GROM Audio also offers channels for our customers to ask questions directly to us through our contact page, along with our FAQ page with answers to key questions about our car kits.
We invite you to explore our new forum page. We have several sections to discuss various topics including GROM Products, GROM Software, and Miscellaneous & Others. We also have a Welcome section that includes topics for “Announcements,” “How it Works” (GROM products), and “Install help and questions.”
At GROM, we are committed to provide as many channels of communication available for support, information, and community amongst our customers. Our new forum page is the newest part of this commitment.
We hope that this new channel becomes an important part of our audio car kit experience. Thank you for being part of this experience!

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