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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Enjoy the Holidays and Stay Safe on the Road

Holiday season brings with it a lot of joy, celebrations, shopping and fun.  

Enjoying this special time of the year and staying safe on the road can certainly play a vital part during the holiday season. Here are few simple tips to help you reach the destination safely:

a.            Have the car serviced and checked by mechanic
b.            Ensure you have all things required to tackle on emergency. These include torch, blanket, toolkit and more
c.            Prepare yourself. Avoid fatigue
d.            If you are drinking, do not drive.
e.            If children are on board ensure they are in child restraint
f.            Brush up your driving skills
g.            Check and ensure towing system are secure
h.            Maintain tire pressure
i.             Ensure all electrical connections are working well
j.             Check mirrors are adjusted correctly.
k.            And… use Bluetooth in the car!

Always connect your Smartphone in the car and take advantage of a number of safety features such as hands-free calling and receiving!

Happy Holidays~

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