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Friday, February 28, 2014

GROM Audio Hosts an Open Meet Up Event to Discuss Silicon Valley Automotive Open Source

GROM Audio is excited to announce it will host the latest Silicon Valley Automotive Open Source Meet Up event at our office in Belmont, CA. The open event will focus on QNX, OS and Qt development for auto implementation, with a very special industry leading speaker. GROM will showcase our plethora of car audio adapters along with the newest open source infotainment systems, helping attendees understand the future of technology in the auto industry.

QNX Software Systems, Senior Automotive Product Manager, Kerry Johnson will be traveling from Ottawa to discuss with Meet Up attendees QNX's Real Time Operating System (RTOS) and Qt for automotive development. The company is one of the leading software brands for the auto industry, working with GM, Onstar, Toyota and Audi, to name a few. As knowledgeable industry representative, Johnson will highlight the vast opportunities to integrate technology with the auto industry outside infotainment, giving coders, car company reps and hobbyist in attendance an excellent insight in what is to come.

Through presentations, demonstrations and implementation of In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) attendees can better understand the latest auto technology transforming today's cars, while also connection with fellow industry people. 


Silicon Valley Automotive Open Source Meet Up Details:

When: Thursday, March 27, 7-9PM

Where: GROM Audio Offices - 519 Marine View St.  Suite G, Belmont, CA


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