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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

GROM Audio Helps Old and New Car Owners with Their Car Audio Issues

As auto industry continues to forge into new technologies, consumers expect their older vehicles to be out of date; when it comes to telematics aka information and communication technology. While drivers with vehicles from the early 2000s understand their car does not come equipped with the necessary functionality to access infotainment, many drivers assume newer cars come standard with auxiliary input, Bluetooth capabilities, GPS and so on. While these are features we can easily access on our smartphone, they are not features that many newer 2012, 2013 and even 2014 cars come equipped with.

Because drivers have come accustom to these features, GROM Audio has spent time to update many of our products to have compatibility with new vehicles. With a plethora of car audio adapters, which will transform stock stereo systems into infotainment centers, ranging from the GROM-AND2 for Android users, GROM-USB2P for Apple, USB and many other multimedia devices and the GROM-BT3 for Bluetooth capabilities, our after-market car audio company seeks to provide infotainment to as many drivers as possible.

For drivers who have recently purchased a new car that now has a stereo system that seems almost obsolete, it is frustrating consider the costly prices of upgrading an entire sound system. GROM Audio provides these drivers with a solution to their new car issues, giving drivers affordable choices to update their factory car stereo. With new compatibility for Mitsubishi and Peugeot vehicles as well as new model years for variety of cars including Infiniti, Volvo and Citroen, GROM Audio delivers new and old car owners audio solutions catered to their specific needs.

For a full compatibility list with our latest audio adapter updates please see: http://www.gromaudio.com/grom_application_guide.pdf

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