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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

GROM Audio Explains Music File Formats

GROM Audio's car audio adapters support a variety of music file formats, allowing you to enjoy most types of audio while driving. Although most people have come accustom to MP3 files, there are an assortment of other file formats which generate higher quality sound or have less software restrictions.

While MP3 files are reduced in size in order to allow more space in your music library, these files also lose some sound quality through their compression process. Other GROM supported audio files such as AAC formats follow the same lossy compression process, meaning data is removed through downsizing of the file, typically this data loss is unnoticeable to the ear.

But GROM Audio's adapter also allow drivers to appreciate lossless audio files such as FLAC formats. FLAC files, meaning Free Lossless Audio Codec, retain more information to create an audible boost in sound quality. The sound of FLAC files are closer to WAV formats, which are uncompressed files that are also supported by GROM products, including the GROM-MST3, GROM-AND2 and GROM-USB2P. Uncompressed files produce the best sound, but these files can be very large, taking up a considerable amount of space on your MP3 player, mobile device or computer.

So now when you are determining what audio files to download, you can understand the effects that impact the sound coming through you car audio speakers. Through a plethora of adaptable audio files, GROM allows you to listen to the exact sound quality you are looking for while driving. 

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