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Monday, December 16, 2013

Don't Buy a New Car for Modern Features, Upgrade Your Car with GROM Audio Adapters

As people become more and more dependent on technology, you expect and want your vehicles to be compatible with the same technologies you use daily. Now new vehicles come equipped with multimedia integration, allowing drivers to utilize your cell phones, tablets and other media players while driving—making your commute an experience instead of a hassle.

But rather than considering putting a down payment on a new car to enjoy the latest features of driving, why not upgrade your vehicle with a GROM Audio adapter? Although car dealers may make you think it is necessary to purchase a new 2014 vehicle to take advantage of modern amenities, that is really not the case.

GROM Audio's current product line includes the GROM-BT3 for Bluetooth integration, GROM-USB2P for iPhone/iPad/iPod and USB compatibility, and the GROM-AND2 for Android 
product capabilities—gives drivers many options to upgrade your car, without having to considering purchasing the latest model. Through these products and other GROM add-on options drivers can utilize the same state-of-the-art features, taking advantage of music steaming (through your library or applications stored on your device), hands-free calling, GPS turn-by-turn navigation.

With more innovative products to come in 2014, GROM Audio seeks to be the solution to your vehicle technology needs. Allowing drivers to engage in the same high tech features new vehicles offer, GROM Audio provides affordable fixes to keeping your car up-to-date. 

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