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Friday, January 16, 2015

Introducing The new GROM HD Radio Dongle Device QuartzRadio at CES 2015

As reported by the company representative,  GROM Audio is at the International CES booth of iBquity Digital to display its first OEM-integration solution which is designed to add HD radio to a factory built sound system in your car. 

GROM Audio’s new addition, the HD Radio Dongle Device (QuartzRadio) is high definition Radio Tuning Device. The QuartzRadio was released as an HD Radio upgrade for the GROM-USB3 and GROM_BT3 integrated car kit product. As the market reviews of the product suggest this device promises to deliver ultimate listening experience by offering static-free, crystal-clear reception on both AM and FM stations with access to over 2000 channels.
This dongle device is designed in a way to facilitate upon installation in one’s car the ability to receive HD radio content even in factory grade stereos. This will enable users to access HD quality audio in radio broadcasts that are almost impossible to obtain in a standard analog radio configuration. The sound quality can be witnessed in being dramatically improved after installing this device. Standard analog radios simply cannot match up to the unique features provided by this device.
 “HD Radio Technology’s expanded features will take your radio to another level. With over 2000 HD Radio stations broadcasting nationally, there’s a good chance you’ll find one or more in your area.” As the reports suggest the attendees of the occasion are already highly excited to grab a chance of installing this HD radio device into their cars for an improved listening experience. 
The company sources also suggest that this radio device will offer static-free AM and FM reception, as well as access to additional radio stations that a standard receiver cannot pick up. Moreover all these features will be available without any subscription fees or contracts.  Also another unique feature of this dongle radio device is that it contains plug and play installing options and will allow users to control their media with the steering wheel as well as the stereo.
For further details on please read  http://www.twice.com/news/audiovideo/grom-readies-hd-radio-add-oem-car-systems/55395

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