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Friday, November 1, 2013

Looking Forward to Your Upcoming Holiday Road Trip? Check Out Tips to Make it More Enjoyable.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, drivers will be preparing for road trips to visit family and friends. With these long trips on the way, don't you want to be as comfortable in your vehicle as possible?

GROM Audio can help you do just that, by avoiding the constant loop of cliche holiday songs and endless commercials that constantly play on the radio, making your road trip much more enjoyable. With car audio adapters which allow smartphone, USB and MP3 player integration, GROM provides customers with audio solutions that turn your drive from daunting to delightful.

With over 30 compatible car makes and models, GROM Audio can help a multitude of drivers transform their vehicles into on-the-go media centers. Audio interfaces such as the GROM-USBP2, GROM-MST3 and GROM-BT3 give you the ability to utilize features such as high-quality audio through direct connection or wirelessly, hands-free calling and control of their device through steering wheel or stereo buttons.

Having usage of your smartphone on your extended driving trips is extremely convenient, giving you the luxury of listening to music streaming applications such as Pandora and Spotify. But at times you may go through dead zones with no reception or internet connection, leaving you left with same old songs and commercials on the radio. In those cases, the GROM-USB2P is the perfect solution, allowing you and your passengers to listen to music stored on their USB mass storage device.

Via USB integration, you can store tons of music, audiobooks, learning courses, etc without having to worry about spotty service or battery power. USB devices allow you to easily organize your media, while using little to no space in the car, making them a great option for extra long driving trips. The GROM-USB2P will remember the most recent track position on up to four mass storage device, a feature that is very useful when listening to audio books that have long tracks or chapters.

So let GROM Audio help you make this holiday driving season much more enjoyable by having the ability to catch up on that audio book you haven't had to time listen to. Or even make the drive educational by taking an audio course to improve your skills while on-the-go!

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